Julien Lopez – Signed and worn jersey

Signed and worn official jersey

Signed and worn official jersey Julien Lopez Paris FC season 2019-2020
(Julien Lopez will sign the asset at the end of the auction with the indication of the winner)
Size M

Julien Lopez

Julien Lopez was born on March 1, 1992 in Montpellier, in the south of France. He is Franco-Algerian and evolves mainly in the position of midfielder. He is the older brother of Maxime Lopez, player of Olympique de Marseille. Julien made his training at Montpellier Hérault SC for 5 years. During the 2012-2013 season, While he was a CFA league player in Albi, he took the direction of Marseille Consolat. He will work in the club for two half seasons and then will sign with Fréjus-St-Raphaël. Two seasons later he join Marseille Consolat again, but this time in National league where he completed two excellent seasons with the club of Marseille, author of 18 goals. This southerner and native of Marseille is currently playing at Paris FC in league 2 with renowned players like Jérémy Ménez.

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Les cuistots du coeur

Les Cuistots du Coeur is a completely voluntary association, without any subsidy or public funding, created in 2011 by Julien Fartoukh, former leader of a group of soccer fans of Olympique de Marseille and hospital agent at the northern hospital of Marseille. The objectives of the charity are to support children and teenagers and their families with cancer, chronic diseases, disabilities, at sporting or cultural events. Les Cuistots du Coeur also work within hospitals themselves with the help of health executives in order to offer entertainment for the patients (interventions by personalities from the world of sport, TV, entertainment, etc.). The association works in hospitals of APHM (North Hospital and Timone Hospital), on Salvator Hospital, Aubagne Hospital but also alongside young adults at the Paoli Calmettes Institute.